Annika Arras​


Managing director & partner  |  |  +372 527 6839  |  LinkedIn


Annika is the co-founder and managing director of Miltton New Nordics. She summarises the founding and beginning of Miltton in Estonias as "an adventurous journey from three to twenty in two years and I have no clue where this road leads us, but it feels good."

Having acquired extensive experience in strategic and political communication during her 11 years as campaign manager for the Reform Party, Annika has now consulted and trained organisations in 14 different countries ranging from the Caucasus to the Nordics. As a result, she feels at home on both the streets of Tbilisi and Helsinki, and occasionally, she can be found sharing traveling recommendations to her friends. 

In 2016, Annika co-founded the International Women's Academy of Political Campaigning and Leadership together with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the ALDE party, and the European Liberal Forum. As a part of the nine-month program, Annika annually passes on her experience in communications, politics, and leadership to a dozen women politicians from various European countries.

At Miltton, Annika is responsible for business development and team management as well as CSR, which she continuously wishes to develop further in Estonia. Furthermore, she can often be found leading conferences or debates in Tallinn, Helsinki, and Stockholm. 

Annika has a Bachelor's degree in Finnish philology, a Master's degree in Media and Communications, and is currently completing her Master's degree in Business Administration.