Eva-Maria Kangro


Ph.D. in psychology, change management consultant |  eva-maria.kangro@miltton.com  |  +372 5850 1310  |  LinkedIn


Eva-Maria’s mission is to support people’s successes by applying her knowledge and experiences in psychology and modern neuroscience. She helps teams and (self) leaders make beneficial changes and stay in shape in the midst of challenges.


Eva-Maria’s experiences include a wide range of activities, all related to explaining human behavior from one angle or another. If she’s not training others, she can be found doing research, writing, advising or consulting. Her main expertise lies in agile management of change, coping with stress, motivation and constructive communication as well as financial behavior and development psychology.


Eva-Maria has earned a Ph.D. in psychology, is one of the founders of the Estonian Motivational Interviewing Coaches Association and is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Mentors.