Greetel Joanna Võrk​


Program coordinator  |  |  +372 505 7900


Greetel feels confident being in teams working with industry and infrastructure projects as well as projects involving the cultural field. The former is illustrated by her bachelor thesis on communication and contradictions in a local industrial development project and the latter interest stems from her passion for dancing and other creative fields.
Greetel holds a degree in communications and journalism as she graduated cum laude from the University of Tartu in 2019. During her studies, she was an intern at Miltton for two consecutive summers before joining the team in July 2019 after receiving her undergraduate degree. During her internship, Greetel had the opportunity to be hands-on in several projects with a wide range of clients from Tallink to TransferWise and the 2017 Youth Song and Dance Festival. For her internships, she was nominated for Estonian Employers' Confederation's award Interen cum laude, where she won the public's favourite award.