Kristi Liiva


Founder, change and development consultant  |  |  +372 507 4162  |  LinkedIn


Kristi is the co-founder and partner of Miltton New Nordics. She has 25 years of experience in the consulting industry, including founding Miltton JLP in 2005. Kristi is most compelled by developing people, consulting organizations on change management and change communications as well as driving important initiatives within the society.
Her most extensive experience comes from the banking sector. She has worked at Hoiupank, Hansapank, and at Swedbank’s Stockholm HQ. In addition, she’s managed communications at Eesti Energia and used to be the head of communications at the Government Office of Estonia. Kristi is also a qualified communications trainer and has led various organizations’ organizational design, service design, or customer experience development projects. 
Kristi is one of the founders of the Opinion Festival and was its executive between 2013 and 2015. The Anti-Bullying School Foundation, KiVa, is another one of her initiatives. In 2016, for both of her remarkable initiatives, Kristi was awarded Citizen of the Year.