Kristi Malmberg


Strategist-consultant  |  |  +372 506 9537  |  LinkedIn


Kristi is a strategy consultant at Miltton, who oversees the continuous development and improvement of the strategical consulting process we offer our clients. She also works with clients and project management. As her previous long-term work was as a financial journalist, it comes naturally that her current clients can be found either in the finance sector or the FinTech service sector, such as Luminor.

Kristi has been working an astonishing 25 years in various media outlets in Estonia. She has worked as a political reporter at Eesti Päevaleht in the exciting 1990s, later holding various positions at Äripäev from being a reporter to head of news desk and before joining Miltton, she was the head of Postimees' financial section. As a result of her long-term experience, Kristi is well familiar with the media sphere, its functioning and the people who operate there. Thanks to her ability to fully understand the media, Kristi is able to offer media training and fine-tuned messages to companies' spokespersons before they encounter journalists. 

Besides writing multiple articles, Kristi is the author or the book "Will Generators" discussing leadership and motivation. Her CV further enlists numerous leadership trainings as managing people and processes is a matter close to Kristi's heart. 

Kristi's Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Tallinn enables her to comprehend and analyze communications projects in the context of societal changes.