Kristi Roost​


Strategist-consultant  |  |  +372 5621 5672  |  LinkedIn


Roost is a senior consultant at Miltton working with financial and corporate communications as well as marketing communications. She has extensive work experience both from the public and private sector, as well as working as a consultant. Most recently, she was the Head of Communications at Swedbank in Estonia and prior to that she was responsible for media relations at the same bank. Her earlier working experience includes being responsible for media relations at the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance and working as a consultant a the communications agency Hill & Knowlton.  


Her strengths include positioning senior executives and other spokespeople in organizations and preparing them before public speaking, including media interviews. She’s experienced in drafting and implementing strategic and tactical communication plans as well as project management. Kristi’s favorite activity is compiling texts, be it articles, speeches, media texts or social media posts.


Kristi holds degrees in Public Relations and Information Management which she has complemented with trainings throughout her career. 


In her spare time, Kristi enjoys reading books, traveling and working out in nature. Kristi is cohabiting and a mother of two.