Mari-Liis Kitter​


Mari-Liis is one of the partners at Miltton and 20 years of working experience in the field make her an expert in matters related to communications management and marketing. Mari-Liis joined Miltton in 2017 and she is currently the head of the communications team. 

Her working experience is mainly characterized by the timber and forestry industry - one of the most important sectors of the Estonian economy. At Miltton, Mari-Liis is the one to turn to for consulting on fresh starts or how to manage new strategic directions.

Her client portfolio consists of financial and technology companies such as Transferwise and Funderbeam, as well as several new investment projects and multinational companies such as Finavia, the operator of Finnish airports, and Tallink, the flagship of the Estonian economy. 

Mari-Liis was the first class to graduate from the University of Tartu with a Communications degree and she's passionate about everything tied to creative and purposeful ideas.