Martin Rits​


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Work has to bring joy, challenges, and change - a reason why various topics can be found on Martin's desk at the same time.

On a daily basis, both the financial sector's representative organization FinanceEstonia and the new-generation bank Luminor offer orientation in a rapidly changing economic sector. At the same time, tech company Bolt gives the necessary insight into the world behind a fast-growing start-up company, then ERGO, one of the leading insurance companies, and Telia Estonia, a telecommunications company, give good insight into the logic of large companies with a long history. 


In addition, Martin's portfolio of previous work consists of organizing communications for several major events. Some of the most recent ones include the XXVII Song and XX Dance Festival in 2019, the world premiere of "Adam's Passion" at Noblessner Foundry, the Black Nights Film Festival, and the song and dance festival in 2014 and 2017 respectively.


Martin has previously worked as a journalist as well, giving him a good sense of what is happening in the media and the foundation to give practical media trainings. He's familiar with text creation as well as monthly he produces and distributes newsletters for numerous organizations.

Martin's basic knowledge stems from his time at the University of Tartu Journalism and Public Relations Institute and his communications skills are complemented by his Master's degree in International Relations. In his spare time, Martin spends his time with his family and doing sports.