Otto Oliver Olgo​


Consultant  |  |  +372 5901 4666  |  LinkedIn


If the Estonian advertising industry would be looking for a suitable candidate for "The Person With the Craziest Stories," then our Otto Oliver Olgo would definitely be one of the favorites.

Otto Oliver, who outshined others at Delfi, Eesti Päevaleht, Eesti Ekspress and at the media unit of the Estonian Defence Forces, thinks inside the box, outside the box, and whilst floating on the box - all at the same time. With his empathy, personal storytelling, and technological tools, he has the incredible ability to make anything sound interesting.

At Miltton, Otto Oliver uses his ideas and skills when consulting the global technology corporation HMD, Microsoft as well as Ajujaht, Estonia's biggest business idea competition. 


Otto Oliver joined Miltton in 2018 August. He acquired his knowledge of the field from the journalism and communications program at the University of Tartu.